Preview PDF: Delvers to Grow: Core Book

Preview PDF: Delvers to Grow: Core Book

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From Zero to Hero!

Even the mightiest delver started somewhere. An apprentice, a squire or man-at-arms, or a backup singer touring seedy taverns with The Backstreet Bards.

Delvers to Grow allows you to take the part of those starting characters, supporting starting play as low as 62 points.

Further, it provides pre-built modules and packages enabling a player to create a capable, playable character in minutes.

Get gaming. Fast.

Fully compatible with the professional template system in Dungeon Fantasy Adventurers, Delvers to Grow lets you start much earlier in the hero’s journey, letting both players and GMs ease into the full breadth of capability that the professional delvers of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG bring to the table.

Explore different challenges or use the modules to assemble henchmen … or create a starting character to replace the dearly departed.

Roll and Shout with Delvers to Grow.

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    Base Game: Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS)

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