Preview PDF: Delvers to Grow: Fast Delvers

Preview PDF: Delvers to Grow: Fast Delvers

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Flashing Blades, Lethal Arrows

Deadly archers, subtle thieves, flamboyant swashbucklers, and dedicated unarmed martial artists deliver death from the flanks. And they’ll never see it coming.

Built with and expanding on the material presented in the Delvers to Grow core book, Fast Delvers provides examples of the four key professions as they mature from 62 to 187 points.

Use these examples as pre-generated characters, or as demonstrations of how to make your own modules and packages. It's not just examples, either: The book contains advice and extra traits and abilities to make your sneaks sneakier and your stabs stabbier.

Fully compatible with the professional template system in Dungeon Fantasy Adventurers, Delvers to Grow: Fast Delvers lets players and GMs ease into the full breadth of capability that the professional delvers of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG bring to the table.

These examples are ready to fight right out of the box. Roll and Shout with Delvers to Grow: Fast Delvers.

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      Base Game: Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS)

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