Preview PDF: Hand of Asgard

Preview PDF: Hand of Asgard

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Sword and Shepherd

The Gods of Norðlond are not distant and remote. They walk the land, and influence the daily lives of the people.

Their disciples—priests of the Allfather, the Lady of Life, the Trickster, the Lord of Warding, and all the Aesir—guard and guide their brothers and sisters. They are the sword and shield of the gods.

The Hand of Asgard.

Within the book, you will find

  • Customized cleric templates for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, one for each of the Aesir
  • Suggestions for modifying the holy warrior traits to better suit each god, whether they serve the Queen of the World, the Lawgiver, or the Snow Queen
  • More than 20 new Holy Might powers, available to any cleric or holy warrior
  • A guide to the major festivals celebrated during the Norðlond year, honoring each of the Lords of Asgard

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    Base Game: Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS)

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