Preview PDF: The Dragons of Rosgarth

Preview PDF: The Dragons of Rosgarth

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Death on Dark Wings

A dragon has come again to Rosgarth Castle. He hopes to ascend, becoming an Elder Dragon. They ruled the world for countless thousands of years. He believes he has found the way to do it.

He may be right.

But forces move against him. Undead rise in vast numbers. An ancient power stirs beneath the castle, filling the land with necromantic energy.

Maendrath does not know it.

In the Norse-inspired realm of Norðlond, 100 miles south of Rosgarth, signs and portents, rumors, and reports all say the same thing: If brave thegns do not stop the threat of the dragons of Rosgarth, a new Ragnarök threatens.

Inside The Dragons of Rosgarth, find:

  • Járngarðr, a city dominated by metalworking and crafting. Lovingly detailed with complete maps.
  • Capabilities, back-story, and motivations of all the major players
  • Encounters to spice up the 100 mile journey from Járngarðr to Rosgarth
  • Multiple paths to victory…and defeat
  • Over 20 new creatures in the Bestiary. Including dinosaurs. Everything is better with dinosaurs.

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      Base Game: Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS)

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