TFT Flat Counters - More Perilous Journeys

TFT Flat Counters - More Perilous Journeys

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These one-inch-square (1" x 1" x 2.5mm) counters contain the majority of the characters and monsters found in the five printed volumes of the "More Perilous Journeys" campaign. There are roughly 200 counters included on five printed sheets. 

The counters are black and white on thick cardstock. The back side has a skull and crossbones overlaid on top of a megahex for when the creature reaches the end of its own adventure.

Contains counters for

  • Roc of Sages
  • Catacombs of Living Death
  • The Sunken Library
  • Dark Lord's Doom
  • Dragon Hunt

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Base Game: The Fantasy Trip

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